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Our highlights some of these JMRI offers powerful equipment for operating with your layout.

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JMRI can end up being used to automate components of your design, from basically controlling a traversing gate to operating locomotives in the background.. A better device for development decoders, simplifying the job of setting up DCC decoders from your personal computer Design and Operate CRT structured CTC handle panels that reveal the real-time state of your railroad and allow you control it A system for Dispatching, group your Roster and Throttles Construct Trains from your Roster and print Teach Manifests that fine detail the function your teach crews will perform A fixed of equipment for using Audio with JMRI People have used JMRI to do some excellent issues for the design railroad area.. What is certainly JMRI? The JMRI task is constructing equipment for design railroad computer control.. We wish it to become useful to as numerous individuals as achievable, so we're building it in Java to operate anyplace, and we're also trying to create it independent of particular hardware systems.

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